I’ve been struggling with the Genestealer Cults, so it’s time to change up the story and give the Blood Angels a shot at the seemingly unstoppable Necrons.

Rackham nodded, but the news wasn’t good. One of his hands slowly tapped the corner of the dark stained Trulian gnarlwood desk. The foreman stood ramrod straight before this imposing piece of furniture and the even more imposing Inquisitor behind it. Rackham had had this desk, a symbol of his authority as much as the rosette his chest plate projected, installed on The Insincere before they made planetfall. In less serious times he enjoyed this playful nickname his team had given the cutter, which now served as his mobile command centre. There was nothing insincere about the report he’d just heard. The excavations were going slowly… too slowly.

He waved the foreman away. Nothing he could say would speed up the work of his crew. The colossal Xenos artefact was emerging from the ground, but it would take at least five more rotations. Sgt. Albinus Davenos, a Blood Angel seconded to the Deathwatch, was about to leave with the foreman, when Rackham beckoned, “I have something to show you”. He retrieved a dataslate from one of the drawers and handed it to the black-armoured warrior. A grainy pict flickered on the display, the numerals showing when and where it was taken. “Necrons… here?”, was the Astartes’ response to what he saw. Rackham nodded slowly. “I had Ul’Vey shadow the retreating cult leader and this is what she saw”, he said, taking the dataslate back.

“The Brotherhood have been skirmishing with the Necrons, but have not been faring well.”

“My brothers and I can take out their leader. That will slow their advance.”

“Maybe… but not yet. I need you to keep the site here secure. I have requested support from the Blood Angel’s Third Company.”

“Barakiel’s men, my brothers, will slow the Xenos and interfere with whatever plans they have.”

Rackham nodded knowing he needed the Blood Angels to buy him at least five days on Alpha.220.

Game 1

This game, at 25PL, was played using the Sweep and Clear Crusade mission. My force was simple: a Primaris Lieutenant, two units of Intercessors, a unit of Reivers and a unit of Inceptors.

  • The Inceptors landing behind the Overlord only to have Deathmarks appear and kill one of their number.
  • Lots of effective bolter shots into the relentless advance of the Warriors.
  • The audacious charge of the Reivers into the Deathmarks.
  • The whittling down of the Blood Angels in the face of the resilient Necrons.

This was a tight game. The Blood Angels gave the Necrons something to win and the Xenos just about pulled off a win.

It felt so good to get the Blood Angels on the table again, particularly after the struggles of the Genestealer Cults. I look forward to advancing the story Infernus Interdiction Force.

Illuminor Szeras entered the audience chamber, Overlord Kyuss sat upon the raised dais, The Royal Warden and Shining One flanking him. Ja’Khar had informed him of the competitiveness between the Overlord and his generals. It amused him how easy it would prove to manipulate their petty rivalries to his own ends. 

“Honour to you Lord Kyuss, I bring greetings from our master. Words of your victories against the Devourer Cultists have reached across the stars. Honours to you and your warriors”, he said pointedly nodding towards the Shining One and The Warden.  

Have the artefacts been recovered?”

“Greetings Szeras, it is good to lay eyes on you again after all of these aeons. We have not recovered the artefact yet. The Cultists have delayed us somewhat. They are primitives but fierce.”

We have deciphered a portion of the data corrupted during our rest and I will personally lead an expedition to recover it as soon as our audience is done. Would you care to join us. Your form look more, formidable than I remember”. 

I must Decline sire, another time perhaps. Your Plasmancer, Ja’Khar has obtained living samples of Cultists corrupted by the Devourer. They will prove to be invaluable sources of information for my studies. If you could obtain any other…samples, on your foray I would be very grateful. Living samples, nothing yields results like a living sample…”

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