In my last post I discussed starting to play Warhammer 40,000 with a nine year old. One of the key lessons everyone needs to learn is how to lose. This is important as gaming is an activity for people to come together to have fun. Given the competitive nature of games that can be forgotten sometimes. Ciarán and I played a 30PL game over the weekend and half way through the game it was clear (to me… and to him) that my Blood Angels were going to beat his Necrons. I could see he was looking a little dejected, so I had to do something…

The something I did was to focus on the story, focusing on the characters in particular. I tried to bring alive all of the cool things that were happening. Getting beyond tape measures and dice rolling to the clash of weapons, the green glow of the gauss and the struggle on the battlefield! We then focussed on his Royal Warden and Overlord to see if they could take out my Captain in Gravis armour.

They happened to get it done, but it was close and it was the tension of that moment and the mini narrative of a combat between mortal foes that made it a game. He still lost, but there is now a story to be told between his Overlord and my Captain. I’ve tasked him with naming his boss and I’ll name mine. Their story is just beginning…

What next?

I think we’ll play the Crusade Assassination mission or maybe a Kill Team game (or both) with our bosses meeting again on the battlefield. My Captain could be trying to regain some lost honour. They’re both quite melee focussed, so it should make for a fun game.

Until next time,