Last time we played we focused on the micro-scale, with Kill Team skirmishes in the Haxel Bunker. Now we’re changing the zoom level to look at what’s happening in the system around the planet as waves of the Tyranid Hive Fleet clash with the Imperial Navy.

I’ve only played through a couple of solo games of Battlefleet Gothic and Phil has never played before, so we read through the rules, loaded up the Vassal module and decided to give it a whirl! Many mistakes were made, but that’s part of learning a new game.

I’m using my Tyranids, which I converted up during lockdown. I haven’t posted photos of these, but here are a couple of photos to give you an idea.

Of course I’ll be using Vassal models to represent these, but they’re what I have in mind when I’m making my fleet lists.


We tried a simple Cruiser Clash at 750pts. This was a chance to bash out the rules and get a sense of how the game plays. Here are some screenshots.

The Hive Fleet was well mauled, but I think we have the basics of the rules down now. We’re going to kick into a 5 game campaign using the Battle Over Kotol campaign rules. Okay, I’m off to read this Tyranids Tactics article to prepare for our next game…

Until next time,