This is the fourth game in our Crusade campaign. The Brotherhood of the Burning Sun have really struggled against the newly arisen Necrons. Let’s see how they fare in this game…

Game 4

This game, at 25PL, was played using the Supply Drop mission. I fielded 2 units of Neophytes, a small unit of Acolytes, a Chimera, the Magus and a Kelermorph.

  • The Tacyon Arrow from the Overlord hitting the Chimera, destroying it (it had taken damage from the Immortals previously).
  • The effective shooting of the Warriors to whittle down the Neophytes quickly.
  • The Kelermorph shooting up the Overlord, but not killing him.
  • A risky charge from the Magus against the Overlord to take him out.

This was another decisive win for the Necrons. The Genestealer Cults are really struggling against them at this game size (that may not get much better in larger games…).


Dur’fla’ta was deflated. His visions of the Celestials were becoming more pronounced, more frequent, yet he struggled to enact their will. He knew where they would arrive, but the metal warriors blocked his path. Every attempt to remove them was rebuffed. Scores of the Brotherhood’s followers had been felled by their glowing weapons. This form of open and unconcealed warfare did not play to their strengths. Dur’fla’ta adjusted a flickering map on the tactical table. He pointed to several places in succession and raised his eyes from the map to Sur’la’ka. “We must return to the shadows. Fighting toe-to-toe against these machines is not advancing our cause”, he said, his voice in a half whisper. Sur’la’ka nodded, “I will make preparations and inform Gryt

So, it’s time to put the Genestealer Cults to the side for the moment and return to the Blood Angels. This will fit with the story on Alpha.220, give me an excuse to paint some bits from the Indomitus box and will hopefully make for some closer games.

Until next time,