Following a stalemate encounter Dagger Squad of the Tertus platoon, 2nd Erymanthian regiment were ordered to try to outflank the Tyranids. This order backfired and the quickly found themselves surrounded by the Xenos horde. They were now fighting for their lives…

Game 3

We decided to change thins up a bit for this mission. The win conditions were still the same: break the enemy (5 turns; you win by breaking the opponent), but the Scions deployed in the middle with Tyranids on either side to represent an ambush. Phil used his first squad (Squad Dagger), which had not lost any troops (from Game 1) and I used a fresh ‘squad’ (Tyranid Warrior, Veteran Hormagaunt, Combat Hormagaunt and 17 normal Hormagaunts). The sense of claustrophobia in this game was palpable in this game, with the Scions rapidly finding themselves attacked on two sides.

I played more cannily in the second half of this game… four of Phil’s troopers had moved into the bottom left of the board and had a good defensive position. I kept my squishy Hormagaunts away from them and focussed on the right hand side. I engaged a lot of troops on that side and managed to get several flesh wounds on them. My sustained attacking (despite some cagey falling back) eventually paid dividends in the last turn. The Scions’ leader, Tempestor Kolson Tryker, was killed outright.

It was a victory to the Tyranids and the Scions have been pushed back down to the mid-level of the bunker.

We worked out the casualties from the first three games, and they’ve been pretty modest. I’ve lost three, two and two from each of my three ‘squads’. Phil lost the Tempestor from Dagger Squad and a Scion from Falchion Squad.

We’ll be returning to Haxel Bunker soon for the next game in the Cophichi campaign.

Until next time,