The 2nd Erymanthian regiment had somehow managed to push the swarming Tyranids back towards the surface with minimal losses. The tight spaces funnelled the Xenos into kill zones with the highly trained killing hundreds of the attacking creatures. However, no matter how many they killed more kept coming…

Game 2

For game two we decided to again use a basic mission: break the enemy (5 turns; you win by breaking the opponent). And again, this turned out to be a cracking game. We each used our second squads (the Scions have 2 for the campaign and the Tyranids have 3). My Tyranid horde swarmed forwards, but Phil’s shooting let him down, as did my charges! This was a game of mostly poor dice, with neither of us getting the upper hand and the game ending in a draw.using cover where possible and pulling off some audacious charges.

My melee was also shockingly poor, and despite engaging eight of Phil’s troopers, I only killed 4. That said, one was his leader, so that felt good!

I again lost 10 bugs, so my casualties are starting to mount up. I’ve a fresh squad/kill team for the next game, but after that I’ll need to start consolidating squads.

We’ll be returning to Haxel Bunker soon for the next game in the Cophichi campaign.

Until next time,