Orks are supposed to be big, powerful and imposing. Not so with Stumpface. He was a small Ork, ridiculed and pummelled by others for his diminutive frame. He was even beaten up by gangs of roaming Grots occassionally. The daily beatings took their toll on him, but every fight makes an Ork a little tougher. Bit by bit the beatings decreased and eventually the Grots became victims for Stumpface. Ork society has one rule: might is right. Slowly, but surely Stumpface was growing in might. His progress would have taken years, had he not been in the right place at the right time. After a savage loss to the red metal ‘ummies he happened to be the biggest of the Orks left standing. The remaining greenskins turned to him for leadership. Stumpface knew what was needed. The Boyz needed hope and discipline… mostly discipline. He snatched a brave little Grot that had shot and killed a flying red metal ‘ummie. He now had a second in command. But not everyone agreed with this new command structure. One of the Boyz in a grandiose cap reckoned he should lead the Boyz. The rage from years of beatings swelled up in Stumpface. With a single almighty blow he smashed the belligerent’s face to pulp, dropping him in a heap. Stumpface bent down to retrieve the cap that would now exude his authority. Placing it on his head Stumpface ceased to be. He stood a little taller. Forever more he would be known as Sgt. Facekraka.

by Colin M.

Find more excellent artwork from Edouard Boccard here. This origin story is based on a small part from this battle. Some character stories have simple origins. In this case Facekraka happened to survive… and was the biggest!

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