Facekraka was proud of his boyz. The way dey drilled and paraded woz real good. Dey made da boss’s boyz look like rookies. Oomie bolta rounds exploded far away. Fackraka knew it woz da boss – off gettin’ ‘imself in trouble. The red beakies had arrived a couple a days ago. It made the boyz real happy to have something other than demselves to fight. Facekraka was proud of his boyz as dey marched towards the oomies.

Colin wanted to try the mission from the last day again (Secure and Control Eternal War, P.222 in the main rulebook). I decided to change up my list a bit, adding a unit of Inceptors, but only managing to field a Patrol. Colin was trying a few new things, but still managed to field a Battalion at 500pts.

Round 1

  • Snikrot charged the Intercessors, killed one, but was smashed down.
  • The ‘Da Jump’ unit failed their charge. The Blood Angels shot past them to take wounds of the Megatrakk Scrapjet and then murdered the boyz in melee.
  • The Inceptors dropped in behind the Weirdboy and blasted him to pieces, ensuring no more Da Jump shenanigans.

Round 2

  • The Inceptors were charged by the Megatrakk and some boyz, led by a nob named Facekraka, but they left the Inceptor Sergeant alive on a single wound (despite using a 3CP stratagem to attack twice!)
  • The Inceptor hopped out of melee and blasted a few boyz.

Round 3

  • A grot managed to kill the lone Inceptor with a shot from his rusty old blunderbuss, much to the chagrin of the Orks.
  • The Intercessors (in Tactical Doctrine) finished off the Megatrakk.

That was pretty much the end of the game – I backed up to secure my objective (3VPs). I also had Slay the Warlord and First Strike. Even holding his objective with the Grots Colin couldn’t catch up on VPs, so we called it there.

Facekraka wasn’t quite sure what had happened, but he had survived. A quick glance around made it clear that he was the most senior (and biggest) Ork left standing. “All right boyz, I is da boss now and you can call me…”, Facekraka tried to think of the most impressive title he could use, “… yeah … you can call me Sergeant Facekraka.” Sgt Facekraka was pleased with his new found status. He’d need an adjunct, someone to relay his orders. He scanned around for the Grot that had shot the red beakie out of the sky. All Grots looked the same to him, so he just grabbed the nearest one…

Until next time,