I didn’t pick up the 2-player boxed set for Warcry when it was launched, but I have subsequently collected all of the pieces necessary to play. I have a painted Corvus Cabal warband (which I must photograph), the Splintered Fang (on my painting list), the Despoiled Ruins terrain (painted recently) and the Chaotic Beasts. I’ve painted the Furies, but haven’t looked at the Raptoryx yet.

These were nice to paint. I used the airbrush on the wing, beards and daggers. I love this electric blue colour and it finds its way into many of my painting projects.

I’m working my way through a few things on my Painting List at the moment. Next up a 28mm M8 Greyhound and some 15mm M7 Priests. Wargaming is an eclectic hobby!

Until next time,