Space Hulk was my first wargame… well maybe it is more of a boardgame. Epic (Space Marine) was definitely my first proper wargame. I’ve owned all of the editions since and it’d such a fun game. Phil and I are playing through the Ill Met by Moonlight campaign – he’s using Space Marines and I’m using Eldar. We’re using the Epic Armageddon Compendium game rules. Even though we’re playing this on Vassal, it hasn’t stopped me rebasing my Eldar. I’ve left their original paint scheme as it represents how I painted when I was much younger.

On to the game – it was a meeting engagement of sorts, with a scouting unit from each side arriving first and then other units arriving progressively on following turns. We were fighting over 7 objectives – whoever held the most at the end of Turn 6 was the winner.

It was quite a close game in the end, but Phil managed to grab one more objective than me thanks to some Land Speeders dodging a lot of shooting in my backfield!

I’m already looking forward to Game 2.

Until next time,