Steve and I played a game of What a Tanker! using the VASSAL module I wrote. He took command of a Panzer IV H and I used a 75mm M4 Sherman.

You can see the movement trail of my Sherman as it moved down from from the top left. We exchanged a few shots on the upper side of the river and then took shots across the field. Few hit and none penetrated, so I took the bold decision to move closer.

A close-ranged duel ensued and we both dealt some light damage…

… until eventually Steve’s Panzer got a killing shot on the front of my tank.

The tension was great as we acquired our target only to fail to aim or managed to aim, but lost it again as the target repositioned. I scored many more hits on the Panzer, but I just wasn’t quite able to penetrate its armour.

Both tanks did a fair bit of movement through the game, so it was a real duel.

I look forward to playing again soon and maybe adding an additional tank or two per side.

Until next time,