Corone was a born scavenger. She had a keen eye for spotting carrion or the weak. These armoured warriors were neither. The Hooded Crows excelled in stealth, speed and precise strikes, but most of their strikes bounced from the gleaming plate of the false god’s chosen. She gathered her flock and set them a new mission. She sent them to retrieve the trinkets and trophies they had secured. They would scuffle with these warriors one last time, but her path was not the same as the deposed Cornix’s. She would seek a new quest, one that would not be interfered with by the Sigmarites and their pets.

So these are the final games in this campaign. I’ve found the Stormcast Eternals too hard to crack with the Corvus Cabal, and while not all missions are about taking out the opponent it is an integral part of the game! Rafal has graciously agreed to get his Nighthaunts painted – they have their strengths too, but it should hopefully lead to more even games. That said the two games here didn’t go too badly for the Hooded Crows…

Game 6

Rafal’s Stormcast were the attackers for this one. To win they needed to possess all four treasures at the end of the battle. I fed my warriors to them piecemeal in an attempt to stall them. It was a reasonable plan and nearly paid off. A late game charge into the Gryph Hound nearly killed it, which would have dispossessed it from its treasure, but it wasn’t to be and the Hound was left alive on one wound. I think Rafal could have still regained possession, but he would have had to scramble for the win.

Game 7

My Hooded Crows could truly be described as a Murder in this game. The killed two eternals and the leader! It wasn’t without cost, a Talon Shrike was killed and another left fleeing, badly injured. My leader was also killed. I had left the Stormcast leader alive on one of his 30 wounds. That leader healed up to five. I attempted a long odds Raven Dart (on double 6s) against him needed a 6 to kill him… guess who rolled the hard six! This was always going to be a tough mission for the Eternals as they would struggle to get in a position where they would have a chance to jump on the revealed objective.

Quest and Warband Status

So… we’ve abandoned the quests for these warbands and hope to kick off another campaign soon with two slightly more balanced warbands!

Until next time,