It’s been a while since Phil and I played Epic. It’s a game I’ve a soft spot for as it was probably the first wargame I owned an army for. We’re planning to play an Ork vs Eldar campaign, but before getting into it we wanted to refresh our memories on the rules. 

We’re playing using these rules: They’re derived from Epic: Armageddon, the last set of official rules from GW. With the rerelease of Adeptus Titanicus maybe we’ll see it get revamped at some stage. Before kicking into the campaign we decided we’d try a small, 1500pt, test game.

In this game I overstretched my Falcons and Phil’s Terminator/Land Raider formation smashed them. I whittled them down in response and my Avatar arriving on Turn 2 forced them to withdraw. The speed of my Jetbike formations allowed me to threaten objectives almost with impunity. Phil pushed hard for my home objective, but a lucky rally with a lone Weapons Platform denied him the objective and a second goal. As it was Turn 3 and I had secured 2 goals (his home objective and the two other objectives in his half of the board) I won narrowly. 

I really enjoy EA and I’m looking forward to more games soon!

Until next time,