The fighting has been intense in the Xriolyene Offensive. The Blood Angels have been making headway, but progress has been slow. The cultist infection runs deep on Syrlene XI. In our last series of (Kill Team) battles the cultists seized Tempestus Mons, a facility for distribution off world. Combined with their control of the Kharybdis Refinery they had the means to restrict the flow of yeast in the entire sector. Being able to force a famine and then pose as the saviours the cultists would have been in a powerful position.

In this game the Blood Angels in the north were simply trying to gain control of more territory… It turned out to be a brutally short game. An infiltration stratagem for my attacking Blood Angels, combined with a staggered deployment for both armies and the fact that I went first meant my troops were able to shoot – charge – shoot all of the cultists off the board in a turn and a half. Brutal stuff, and perfectly Angels of Death! The cultists didn’t stand a chance…

I also rolled big on the campaign turn, which allowed that northern army to reclaim the Refinery in the centre. The southern army fell back following the loss of Tempestus Mons and will seek to clear the cultists from Secundarius Hive.

Things have become a bit of a stalemate in this region of the planet. We’ve some plans to play Epic Armageddon soon, so that’ll lead to fighting on another front and will continue the saga of the battle for Syrlene.

Until next time,