Phil and I played two games of a three game mini-campaign when I was in Hamburg in November. We only managed to get the third (somewhat anti-climactical!) played this week. Here’s a brief overview of the games and of where things stand with the Syrlene campaign.


We’re fighting over the Sector Munitorum Tempestus Mons in the southern part of the warzone. The cultists have captured the main yeast refinery for the sector and now the Imperial forces are attempting to ensure they can’t use this power to exert control over more worlds than just Syrlene. In order to do that Inquisitor Dornoth has decreed that the primary means of getting it off world, via Tempestus Mons, should be destroyed. She and a Deathwatch kill team are attempting to do just that.

We decided to play a ‘best of three’ Kill Team campaign to decide the fate of Tempestus Mons. We reversed roles, with me commanding the GSC and Phil using the Deathwatch. Here’s how it went…

The Games

Here are the missions for the three games:

Game 1: Dornoth, aware of Naldexus’ vision, ended up facing a Patriarch with a team of Deathwatch. They destroyed machinery necessary to pump the yeast. This guarantees a sector-wide famine, but in her eyes it was better that than the Inheritors presenting themselves as saviours and bringing more worlds under their influence. Dornoth fell to the Patriarch and was grievously wounded. 

Game 2: The Deathwatch sought to exterminate the Xenos in the facility in revenged for the injury Dornoth. They in turn severely injured the Patriarch, but his devotees dragged him clear, evading their hunters and claiming a small victory.

Game 3: Fuelled by anger at the injury caused to their Patriarch the Sons of the Inheritors prepare a vicious ambush to carry out their retribution. They quickly overwhelm a squad of the Deathwatch. The wounded Dornoth and the remaining xenos hunters are extracted by gunship, but the Tempestus Mons facility is firmly under the cultists’ control.

Games 1 and 2 were pretty tight, but Game 3 ended up as a very one-sided affair. The Abberants with Power Hammers were resilient enough to weather the Deathwatch charges and then deal killing bows to the Primaris. That mission (Infestation) was a little strange and really made things impossible for the Deathwatch…


The campaign is beginning to turn favourably back to the cultists. they currently control 5 of the 11 territories but there is a battle underway (our next Warhammer 40,000 game) for the Lernea Hive which is currently under Blood Angels control.

Until next time,