The Hooded Crows had been on the hunt, harrying their foe for days, but they became blinded by their lust for blood and trophies. Cornix had led them straight into a trap. Her reward was to be mauled viciously by the Chimera the armoured warriors had led them too. She lay unconscious in this temporary rookery, lacerations and bruising over much of her body. With time she would heal, but Corone wasn’t going to let that happen. Cornix had failed too often of late, their quarry having evaded them and consistently proving more adept at gaining higher ground. This was deeply insulting to the Hooded Crow. Corone unsheathed her blade and casually sliced it across Cornix’s throat. Blood gushed from the wound and Cornix’s body shuddered as it tried to draw breath. The former leader’s eye shot open in her last moments, just long enough to focus on Corone, the new leader of the Hooded Crows.

Rafal and I managed to get two more games in last night and to say things didn’t go my way would be a bit of an understatement (as you could probably guess form the bit of fiction above!)…

Game 4

For this game we played through Rafal’s First convergence. His mission was to assassinate my leader. As a twist we drew a card that allowed 400pts of chaos beasts to be placed on the board. We decided that giving the Chimera a try would be fun. It was… until it killed my leader at the start of Turn 2!

Game 5

This was my second attempt at my First Convergence, but again the armour of the Stormcasts combined with the mobility of their beasts proved too much. Rafal ended up winning 17:15. The Stormcasts are a really tough (literally) match up for the Corvus Cabal. Between their high toughness and big wound count they are very hard to take down. I think we’re going to start using another warband each and randomise which warband we get to use each game. I might change the quest I’m pursuing too!

Quest and Warband Status

So, here’s how things stand after five game.

I’ve earned 15 Glory Points from five games… that’s pretty poor, certainly compared to Rafal’s 29! There may be a slight imbalance between the warbands and/or the missions we’ve been playing.

I’m still enjoying Warcry. We learned a couple of things form these games:

  • There are no restrictions to adding Chaos Beasts to your roster and subsequently hiring them.
  • Models can only stand on the battlefield floor or on platforms (defined as at least 1″ x 1″ in area). This means some of the photos above have models in impossible situations!

Until next time,