I forgot about Hobby Bingo for most of 2019, but I didn’t forget to hobby. I’ve added four additional stamps to the card and I actually completed B-I-N-G-O!

  • On the top row I completed “Paint all of the models in a starter faction box”. I’m counting my Blood Bowl Humans for that one.
  • On the fourth row there’s “Make something for your hobby that’s not for the battlefield”. I think the dice trays count there.
  • Also on the fourth row is “Convert a model”. I’ve a couple of contenders for this: a kit-bashed Inquisitor and a kit-bashed Shrike Talon.
  • On the fifth row I completed “Paint a model for an army you don’t already collect and play”. The Corvus Cabal definitely fit the bill here.

Completing 13 of 25 boxes isn’t too shabby and reflects what has been a pretty good year for hobbying. A surprisingly GW-centric year given a few years ago I played none of their games. I’m sure I’ll get some more hobbying done between now and the end of 2019, but I’m not sure I’ll hit any more of the boxes. Maybe “Paint a vehicle” if I finally manage to get to my Genestealer Cults bikers. Anyway, here’s some photographic evidence!

Until next time,