Virtus Verness glanced a shape swooping down from the ruins just in time to parry a strike from a lethal talon. A chaos-tainted mockery of a bird landed before him, arms and wings flapping, swirling the dust of this desolate place. He lunged towards the birdman, but in the growing dust cloud his blow went wide of the mark. A guttural cawing came from above. Somehow the birdman had ascended back to his perch. “This is the realm of the Hooded Crow”, it screeched, “My master Cornix and the rest of my flock will teach why we are called murder”. Virtus levelled his crossbow towards the beaked cultist, but before he could loose a bolt it swooped away. A cacophony of cawing came from all directions. They must proceed with caution.

Rafal and I have started a campaign for Warcry. The system in the game is quite elegant, allowing individual warbands to pick a quest and then progress through it. Most of the games in the quest are standard, in the sense that the terrain, victory, twist etc. are flipped for randomly, but there are a number of mission called convergences that are determined by the quest. The campaign system is probably better suited to having more that 2 players, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m using the Corvus Cabal warband, which I’ve named The Hooded Crows. Rafal is using Stormcast Eternals and some of their pets.

Game 1

This game (Seize Territory) involved controlling objectives, which are placed by the defender (Rafal). Victory goes to the player who controls the most objectives or to the attacker (me) in the case of a draw. With the speed of Rafal’s birds this was a cagey game and victory came down to the draw condition! This was my first taster of how tough the Stormcast can be.

Game 2

This game nearly took longer to setup than to play! My mission was to flee more models off the board than Rafal could kill. With my speed it was relatively easy to complete. So, with two victories we decided I could attempt my first convergence.

Game 3

The mission was to get as many models up high as possible. These models then scored points each turn. Things went moderately well, but Rafal was able to kill enough models by the end to swing things in his favour and he won 16:14. I had already dominated a territory before this game, but completely forgot about the extra points in construction my warband. I’ll remember next time.

Again the birds were important. They ended up in the furthest away deployment. Had they been Stormcast they wouldn’t have made it up onto the scoring terrain on time!

Quest and Warband Status

So, here’s how things stand after three game.

I’ve fallen at the hurdle of my convergence. Rafal will attempt his next and we’ll keep going from there. I’ve been unlucky with Destiny Levels, failing to roll a single 6 after all three games. The Shrike Talon died (and was replaced) after game 3, so I lost a Lesser Artefact he was carrying.

I’m enjoying Warcry. The random missions really keep you on your toes!

Until next time,