This game was an uphill struggle from the start! The Open War cards were fine, but the very close deployment and the speed of the Genestealers meant I would need to be cautious. This coupled with the ability of players to locate the objectives meant that it was going to be an uphill struggle. That said, it was still fun and when it became apparent that I couldn’t win I decided to take down the Patriarch.

Here are a few photos from the game…

This was only a 50PL game, but it looked (and played) great. Sure I lost, but I had a blast. The Blood Angels were pushed back from The Scyllan Flat as a result of this game. This ended campaign turn 9 and here’s how things stand with the Blood Angels controlling 11 of the 7 territories.

The next game will have us fighting in the Kharibdis Refinery… again. The supply of yeast from this planet is of major importance within this sector and the Genestealer Cults are yet again trying to wrest control of it from the Imperials.

Until next time,