Back to a site of much fighting: the Kharibdis Refinery. The Genestealer cults had retreated to this location and the Blood Angels pushed their attack to try and remove the Xenos threat from this key facility. Again going with Open War, here’s the mission:

So, basically four objectives with armies scoring one VP for each objective they control at the end of their turns. We played 100PL and it was a humdinger of a game. Tightly fought…

… so tightly fought in fact that there was nothing to separate the two sides when the game ended. With a draw the Blood Angels, as attackers, had to withdraw, leaving the facility in the possession of the Cultists.

Games 4 and 5 are part of a 3 game mini-campaign for Sector Munitorum Tempestus Mons. I’ll blog about them soon!

Until next time,