I’m a longtime Malifaux fan… I got on board early in the first edition and have had a great time playing this characterful, quirky and highly tactical game. M2E, the second edition, galvanised my love for this game: the suite of strategies and schemes (i.e the things the crews are trying to achieve in game), led to diverse and interesting games. Throw in cards instead of dice, alternating activations, so amazing sculpts and a compelling background and it was a winning formula for me.

Thankfully, that formula seems to have been retained for M3E. Everything has been spring-cleaned, but in essence the game seems the same. Sure, your crews might be built and function a little differently, but that’s part of the excitement of a new edition.

Gavin and I played a 35SS game on Monday last. We wanted to wrap our heads around the rules, so we decided on the smaller game size and to limit ourselves to a Strategy, but no Schemes. I used this excellent crew builder (https://m3e-crew-builder.herokuapp.com/) – it even made a PDF with the model cards, which made life quite easy.

It was a fun and tight game using Turf War. Seamus and his undead female friends work a bit differently, but fundamentally they had the same feel. We were slow, as we wrapped our heads around the nuances of Cover vs Concealment and a few other tweaks to the rules.

Anyway, if you’re a Malifaux fan give M3E a go. The rules are free (here)!

Until next time,