Dan is moving back to Poland and that makes me sad. He’ll still be visiting Ireland for business, so there’s a good chance we’ll get games in the future. However, I’m losing a regular gaming friend. We’ve always had tight games and last night’s games were no exception.

We decided to play a couple of Commanders games at 200pts, but other than that we had no plan. I diced for the first mission and it turned out to be Extraction, so we decided that Dan’s Painboy, Garag Skullfixa, had gotten a little too inquisitive and had wandered off to see if he could scavenge any ‘spare parts’ from a nearby battlefield. He was hit by a sniper bullet and when he didn’t return on time the boyz went looking for him!

Game 1: Extraction

Game 2: Tip of the Spear

The boyz weren’t too impressed by the running away antics of Garag Skullfixa (he might be just a medik/mechanik, but he’s still an Ork!), so he was trying to redeem himself by leading an assault on the Deathwatch.

So, there you have it, an ad-hoc mini-campaign spawned from the random selection of a Narrative mission.

I wish Dan all the best on his return to Poland and I look forward to our next game, where ever it may be!

Until next time,