Benus IIX, on the edge of the Benus sector, was a most suitable environment in which to ferment Morior’s creation, a new form of the Sanguous Flux infused with Astartes’ blood. Its cool temperatures and rapid rotation made it one giant laboratory. Morior had samples sent from his ship Birth.Death.Rot to the planet in order to experiment with new concoctions. It would take time to find strains that would impact the different chapters, but one of Nurgle’s gifts was time. The slow patience of nature taking over. The slow patience of a rotting disease, slowly consuming a host.

Well, he believed he had time, but the devouring Tyranids had arrived at the edge of the sector. Their psychic noise should have alerted the plague fleet sooner, but their attention was focussed inwards, acting as a predator in this verdant pocket of space. However, now Nurgle’s children were the prey. The voracious Tyranids were threatening to consume everything in their path.

Birth.Death.Rot had been one of the first in the fleet to be attacked. Living assault craft had disgorged numerous creatures into the ship, sweeping through it, and forcing a crash landing on Benus IIX. The planet wouldn’t last long either with the insatiable hungering of the Tyranids. Morior attempted to recover as many of his experimental strains of Sanguous Flux before they, and the rest of the planet, were laid to waste. He only partially succeeded. The speed and tidal force of the Tyrnaids meant he could only visit a couple of his prized laboratory complexes. Morior hoped the few strains he had retrieved would be enough. Enough to teach the Blood Angels what a true blood curse was.

Morior looked at the swirling blood contagion in their vials. Rotbringer was taking him and his cargo towards Benus Majoris and the next phase of experimentation. The Tyranids would divert the Blood Angel’s attention and offer him an opportunity to experiment on some live subjects. The irony of making them bleed continuously and in a state of perpetual agony was delicious to him. Despite the setback brought by the Tyranids, he could help a wry grin curling at the edge of his scabbed lips.

I’ll write up some thoughts on using the Tyranids in Kill Team soon. They are very, very good!

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