My kids are getting older and recently they expressed an interest in painting some models. The cheap Conquest models offer a great place to start (Note: Big Thanks to my friend John for the models). My 7yo son finished his Ultramarines Kill Team recently…

… and my daughter is working on a team from a chapter of her own design, the Copper Phoenixes. Here’s the design:

And here’s the first of two models she’s completed (we’re awaiting an online order with some basing materials):

We’ve also been playing some games. With my son, I ask him what he wants to do (occasionally reminding him about the mission!) and then guide him through the rolls he needs to make. He doesn’t know the rules fully, but he’s picking them up surprisingly quickly.

With its small model count Kill Team and relative simplicity (certainly if you leave out ancillary things like Tactics!) offers a great introduction for kids to the hobby of wargaming. Here’s a game we all played, using a simple Open Play mission, which saw my Tyranid Warriors trying (unsuccessfully) to break through a line held by the kids’ Space Marines:

Now… if only I can get them to paint armies for me too!

Until next time,