I’ve been tinkering with VASSAL modules for quite a few years and recently I decided to throw together one for the excellent Chain of Command game by Too Fat Lardies. Here’s what it looks like…

The large numbers are counters that represent Force Morale, the jump off points are denoted by the national symbols, the small blue tokens are numbered to represent Shock and everything else should be pretty clear. I played out a solo game with a basic US infantry platoon trying to probe the German defences manned by a Heer platoon. Most of the action took place on the German’s left flank as the Americans launched themselves towards the German line. The first squad rushed along the hedgerow, but was wiped out after an epic close combat in which both sides kept drawing until the Germans made an epic roll (four kills from four dice!). The German’s were badly depleted leaving the Unterfeldwebel wounded and only the Obergefreiter standing. Both sides saw their Force Morales drop to 4!

A second squad proved to have better luck. They detached the BAR team to lay fire at any German’s that tried to stop the remainder of the squad as they dashed for the German line. They were intercepted again, but this time they saw off the Germans and continued at speed. The reached the German line securing victory for the Americans.

I need to add more models to the module. At the moment I only have basic USA and German forces, including a couple of vehicles and some guns. I’ll keep working on it…

One more thing! I made a What a Tanker! extension for it including interactive Dashboards.

Until next time,


PS I’m sorry, but I can’t share the VASSAL module as it contains copyrighted material.