Last time out Peter and I kicked off a small three game campaign which saw my attacking Blood Angels defeat the Ad Mech. The second game in the ladder campaign, based on the attacker winning, is Ambush with the twist that the winner gets 2CPs to spent on extending the Dawn Raid (+1 to hit) form just one battle round to three! This was going to hurt the Ad Mech. Combined with the fact that they would have to try to move to win the game meant that this was going to be tough for them!



It turned out to be a much tighter game than it initially looked. Here are some highlights:

  • My inability to get a charge off after Deep Striking models in (even with CP rerolls!)
  • Peter blasting one of my Terminator unit to pieces, leaving only the Sergeant on 1 wound
  • The subsequent fight between an Enginseer, Sydonian Dragoon and that Sergeant… that pretty much lasted most of the game!
  • The Sydonian Dragoon redeeming itself and finally taking down the Sergeant and going on a mini rampage!
  • My Warlord (Terminator Captain with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield) weathering an amazing amount of fire before connecting with the Dominus and smashing him.
  • The Ranger sniper fire that hurt my Primaris Ancient and also took down my Warlord!
  • Those damn robots!

I ended up winning, but I needed to back a unit out of line of sight for fear Peter might table me. He didn’t look likely to be able to run my blockade, but the weight of fire he put out was awesome!

Until next time,