Captain Cassius’ crusade against the treacherous (to his Black Rage coloured eyes) continued in tonight’s game. This time out Graham and I played a 60 PL game using the Open War deck to generate the scenario. It generated Drawn and Quartered, which had us place two objectives each, an ability that allowed us to heal D3 wounds from a unit on each turn and a deployment that was ambush-like.

The game came down to a number of key events:

  • Me forgetting The Red Thirst almost all of the time…
  • An epic fight between my Captain and what seemed like half of the Charcarodon army!
  • The Leviathan class Dreadnought again smashing face.
  • My Librarian killing the Charcarodon Captain.
  • The Leviathan smashing Captain Cassius.

Being caught in the grips of the Black Rage was what drove my Captain to attack the Space Sharks, but a crushing blow from the Leviathan has released him from his confused visions.

Until next time,