One of the best things about any hobby are the friends you make through it. Phil and I met playing Warhammer about 15 years ago and have remained friends since. Despite the distance between us, Phil’s in Hamburg, Germany and I’m in Maynooth, Ireland, we try to play online most weeks. Thankfully this has worked quite well with the vast majority of our games being played through VASSAL. You may have seen some of our recent plans and games as part of an Inquisitor and 40k campaign. On a recent visit to Hamburg Phil and I finished that campaign. First up was a game of Inquisitor at 28mm. I used some Genestealer Cults models I finished before I went. As you can see, we were a little light on terrain, so we covered tanks in ‘camo nets’ (i.e. cut up netting that something hardwarey came in) and that gave plenty of things to hide behind. We also said that the environment was quite dusty and doubled ranged modifiers, forcing the retinues close to each other.

It was a fun game, but some ludicrously good dice rolling on my behalf certainly impacted things. In the end Phil’s Inquisitor had to abandon her retinue. She had confirmed the presence of a Xenos Cult, but couldn’t get close enough the the covered tanks to determine which planetary defence units had been compromised. That set the scene for our 40k game which would come later…. Next up we played a bit of Space Hulk: Death Angel. I picked this game up second hand a couple of years ago. I’m not a huge fan of card games, but this one captures the intensity of Space Hulk very well (in a box that was easy to pack and carry to Germany!). We enjoyed it, but the game (i.e. the Genestealers) kicked our asses!

Then Phil forced me to have beer… the git! We visited the excellent Circle 8 Brewery, which I would wholeheartedly recommend.

The final game of the weekend was a game of Malifaux. Phil got his revenge in this one, with McMourning showing Perdita who really ran this dusty cowboy town. It was an excellent game – Malifaux is such a fun experience, even when you lose 10:0!

So, all in all a great weekend. It’s always good to catch up and play a few games face to face!

Until next time,