So, Phil and I are making preparations for our Inquisitor/40k campaign. Next up for me was getting my Magus, the leader of my warband, ready. This involved painting the model and determining a set of stats to represent him. We’ve also been working on fleshing out a story background for the campaign, that expands on my initial bit of fluff. I finished reading C. J. Werner’s Cult of the Warmason a few months ago (my first 40k novel in years!), so that gave me a good grounding in both the operation of a cult and in the thinking of the Magus. The juxtaposition between the certainty brought by the Patriarch’s presence and the conscious frailty of the human body the Magus lives in was interesting. I wanted my Inquisitor character to represent that. They are quite weak of body, but are a powerful Psyker.

Here’s the painted model that will represent B’athlem, the Magus’ name, in the games. A quick paint job, but it will suffice!

B’athlem, Magus to the Great Father’s Brethren

WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld

44 58 40 58 69 89 78 67 74

Equipment: Mining rebreather (Flak armour on body locations); Laspistol with reload; Rune/icon staff; Knife

Psychic Powers: Psychic Shriek, Psi-Track, Telepathy, Psychic Shield

Special Abilities: Leader; Ambidextrous

Until next time,