Patterns (An Inquisitor/Warhammer 40,000 Campaign): Test Games

Phil and I have been kicking the tires on 40k and Inquisitor over the last few weeks. We’ve been using the 40k Vassal module to get games played. I’ve been using my Genestealers and he’s been using Astra Militarum and Space Marines. We’ve had some great fun. Here are some screen shots:

The narrative games in 40k are nicely crafted and lead to fun games. Don’t even pretend they’re going to be particularly balanced and you’ll have a great time. We played a very simple campaign where the winner of a game could pick the scenario for the next game and decide if they were going to be attacker or defender. It worked well and certainly got both of us painting for our face-to-face campaign in October.

We’ve also had a couple of games of Inquisitor, where fined our characters – my thinking has evolved since my recent posts with my warband characters getting more, well, characterful.

We’ve also significantly advanced the background story, which I’ll publish soon.

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