Last week Gavin and I kicked off our Open Combat campaign. We agreed we’d play to 100 Reputation (Reputation is gained by causing wounds, seizing prizes and kicking ass!). Here is my warband background.

Game 1

The scenario for Game 1 was Open Combat with Confrontation deployment. This ended up leaving a no mans land of about 8″ between our crews and then it was game on. We decided that as this was based in Athel Loren the forrested areas would be hazardous terrain: models beginning an activation or moving in forest need to roll a 2+ or fall over (losing initiative!).

The game wen’t pretty well for me (apart from sandwiching my Treeman, giving away easy push back fortitude!). Gavin pushed aggressively in the middle and I just hung back taking apart anything that came my way. The Treeman and Asrayl (my leader) went up the right flank. The combo of the Treeman exerting (an extra action for 1 FOR and 1 MIN) with my leader’s inspiration (recovering MIN) worked well. On the right Gavin was pretty aggressive, trying to shut down a Deepwood Scout there. The scouts are decent in melee as well as at range and he managed to cut down a Gobbo in a single swing! The game ended with me taking no casualties and Gavin taking four. I netted 30 Reputation and opted to spend 10 on upgrading the Treeman, Wardancer and Asrayl. Gavin wasn’t able to bank any Reputation as he needed to replace the loss of a Squig (it died, but I’m sure the Gobbos had a feast in its honour!).

Game 2

The scenario for this game was Escort Duty, with Gavin’s Gobbos trying to transport a stolen Elven artefact (a magic acorn or some such!) from one corner of the board to the other. If things went poorly for Gavin in the last game, then this one was a bit of a disaster!

Gavin used his rerolls very aggressively and effectively on his Shaman to intimidate Asrayl, dropping his Mind down dangerously low. My crew pushed hard towards Gavin’s, but he barely got out of the deployment zone before being engaged by the Wood Elves (despite a couple of them tripping over in the forests!). The Break Point is much higher for this scenario, but the Wood Elves were able to send the Gobbos packing and were able to reclaim their prized, eh, what did I say it was… oh yeah, acorn! One of my Deepwood Scouts was taken out by some combined fire from the Gobbos, but he made a full recover. The Gobbo Shaman wasn’t so lucky dying from the wounds suffered in the game!

Things are not looking good for the Night Goblins in this campaign…

Until next time,