I decided to ‘live(ish) tweet’ my Open Combat games with Gavin last week. Here are the tweets with a little about the current campaign standing at the end. The target for this short campaign is 100 Reputation. Going into Game 3 I have 44 (61 gained and 17 spent on upgrades). Game 3 was played with the standard ‘Open Combat’ scenario with deployment from the edges.

Game 3

Game 4


I picked up 14 Reputation and a couple of injuries in Game 3, but Game 4 was a whopper (partially because of the prizes). I scored 39 Reputation, but at a heavy cost… my Treeman died and one of my Dryads needs to sit out the next game. I’m sitting on 97 Reputation if I decide not to upgrade anything. The sneaky Elf in me thinks I should just plink the 3 Fortitude off the Night Goblins and then retire!

Until next time,