Gavin and I will be playing an Open Combat campaign over the next few weeks. It’ll probably only run to 5-6 games, but promises to be fun. The basic premise is that a Night Goblin warlord and a Wood Elf Highborn have separately encountered issues that led them to being ousted from their leadership positions. The Night Goblins and Wood Elf warbands they find themselves leading are going to clash a number of times as each seeks to regain what they have lost…

His brother’s failure was his failure. The foul beastmen had spread deep into the eternal night realm of Modryn after Traysal had failed to hold them back. Traysal had not returned. For Asrayl the shame of his brother’s defeat had led to him forfeiting his rule of Talrennic. Now he sought a path to redemption.

There are many travellers on such paths in Athel Loren. Elven society is unforgiving and every perceived slight or failure must be paid for. To redeem himself and his family Asrayl joined the Deepwood Scouts in their continuous battle against those that would invade the Elves’ homeland. Venlar and Yllavyre were veteran scouts and had welcomed Asrayl. They seemed to recognise the pain his exile caused. Their skill with the bow was superb, but what truly impressed him was their ability to stalk a prey for weeks, whittling down the enemy until they posed minimal threat.

An unlikely member of this warband was one who followed the teachings of Loec, a Wardancer named Daarel. The tattooed warrior swirled in a blur of blades and impossible leaps when confronted with the enemies of Athel Loren. His preternatural ability to sense the incoming arrows from the scouts allowed him lunge and glide around them bringing death to the interlopers.

The forest is under constant threat and in times of dire need the forest awakens to defend herself. The Elves have been joined by forest spirits, the Treeman D’agrul and two nameless Dryads. They stomp and smash their foe, not with grace like an Elf, but with the brutal determination of a cornered animal.

Asrayl hopes to find salvation through fighting with this warband. He hopes to reclaim his rightful place in Talrennic. He hopes to secure Athel Loren from her enemies.

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