I was chatting to a colleague a few weeks ago during a meeting in Milan and she said he boyfriend had an interest in painting models. I decided I’d make this video as a brief introduction.

Here are the colours I use on the different areas –

  • Flesh: Talarin Flesh Base; Ogryn Wash Dwarf Flesh/Bleached Bone Highlight
  • Green Cloth: Russian Uniform (tiny bit of Graveyard earth) Base; add Bleached Bone to highlight
  • Blue Cloth: Moridian Blue (with a bit of Graveyard Earth) Base; add Bleached Bone to highlight
  • Red Cloth: Gore Red (with a bit of Graveyard Earth) Base
  • Grey Cloth: Adeptus Battlegrey Base; Fortress Grey Highlight
  • Scabbard: Battlefield Brown
  • Beards: Bestial Brown or Battlefield Brown/Khaki or add a bit of Khador Red Highlight into previous
  • Chainmail: Boltgun Metal Drybrush; Badab Black Wash
  • Sword: Add a small bit of Greatcoat Grey to Boltgun Metal
  • Shoes: Bestial Brown (with a small bit of Bleached Bone), Snakebite Leather or Battlefield Brown
  • General Wash (over non red/blue clothing): Devlan Mud
  • Metal Areas: Mithril Silver Highlight
  • Webbing: Calthan Brown

Hope that’s of some use,