So, there were two firsts last night – my first game of Saga and the first time I played a wargame for the first time online! I’ve been using VASSAL for a few years to play a couple of different game systems and have also been doing a bit of development for it. When I got interested in Saga I decided to convert the Warmachine/Hordes module into a SAGA module by adding Battle Boards, Saga dice and some custom artwork for the models. Note: I can’t share the module. Sorry!

Last night Phil (who lives in Hamburg) and I played our first game and it was great fun. I had a 4pt Viking force that mirrored the models I’ve painted. I combined the two units of Hirdmen in to a bodyguard for my Warlord. Phil went with Anglo-Saxons and had two units of twelve Warriors (3 x 8 distributed into two units), a unit of Levies and his Warlord.

We played the Warlord Clash scenario and pushed our forces forward. I definitely made mistakes with my Battle Board early in the game. I rolled a rare and should have placed it on Njord (removes 1 fatigue from the Warlord and units within M (6″) of them). Later in the game I saw the power of fatigue. We had a bit of back and forward on my right flank, but my bodyguard got whittled down and I went for a suicidal charge with my Warlord against Phil’s. I bounced and his retribution was merciless! I definitely overstretched and Phil had units to backup his Warlord.

This is a fun system and I really enjoyed the game. Phil and I are planning to play the Battle of Maldon campaign next.

Until next time,