Here are the first 4pts of Saga Vikings. I built these guys from a box of Gripping Beast Hirdmen and the bowmen are old GW Bretonnians. There are 23 models painted so far – the Warlord, 4 Berserkers, 8 Hirdmen and 10 Bowmen. I’ve also painted up 2 bunches of arrows in the ground to represent the final 2 bowmen (I only have 10 Bretonnians!). I’ve also made up two fatigue markers as well.

Anyway – here are the first shots of the army…


This guy is a Gripping Beast plastic, with a small amount of conversion work. The model dead on the rock is the scenic base from a GW Warg from the Lord of the Rings range. The body of the Warg was used for my proxied Laris. I’ve based the whole lot on a Renedra 40mm base.


Again based on the plastic Hirdmen and they’re based on 25mm Renedra bases. For these guys I wanted to have a slightly different theme to the Hirdmen and Bondi, so I decided to arm each cohort differently. The Berserkers are armed with axes and I’ve added a small amount of blood splatter to their weapons. The decapitated head is just a plastic head from the Bretonnian sprue, with a small bit of Green Stuff to add more hair.


The shields were the most challenging aspect of these guys and I’m reasonably (but not very) happy with how they turned out. They are all sword and shield armed. My Bondi will be armed with spears and may have scabbards and axes hanging from their waists.


These are the Bretonnian archers and they are a slightly larger scale (more 28mm Heroic!) to the others, but as they don’t have built in raised bases they look okay side-by-side with the real Vikings. I imagine these guys were pressed into service from whatever local population the Vikings are attacking. I’m sure the Vikings could be quite persuasive when they needed to be!

This is an example of my fatigue markers with a model to get a sense of scale. I used some Green Stuff to hold in the diagonally opposite edges of the die, so it wouldn’t roll off easily. The weapons represent the unit the marker belongs to.

I plan to complete the force by adding two units of 8 Bondi. That would still leave me with 15 unassembled models from the 44 that came in the box, so I’d have some options for expansion.

Until next time,