I was inspired by this post to make my own Saga dice. The first thing I did was order some blank-faced dice from (unsurprisingly) blankdice.co.uk. The dice I ordered were white (as I’ll be printing onto white label sheets) and have an indentation on each face of 14.3mm square. The plan was to print out the symbols onto address labels, cut them out and affix them to the dice.

Using the images of the dice faces provided on the Saga forum I created an single image with all six sides to fit on one label. Here are the PDFs I created –

These are designed to print onto a 3 x 6 label sheet (NOTE: These are designed for A4, not Letter sized pages). You may need to resize the images (to fit dice of different sizes)!

I used a steel ruler and a sharp hobby knife to cut out the individual side labels (by cutting just inside the printed lines). I did three dice at a time and tried to stick the labels on consistently.

I haven’t sealed them yet, but a spray of varnish would probably be a good idea! I’ve made 25 dice for £8.35 (plus the cost of labels and printing). That’s a whole lot more cost effective than £12 for a set of eight dice!

As an alternative there is an site called www.thegamecrafter.com that allows you to make your own board game pieces, including dice, and you can design your own label too. The sell blank sided dice and sticker sheets, with a template where you can add your own image. I haven’t tried them out, but they look like a good option.

Until next time,