The excellent map-based campaign run by Ethan in Gamer’s Hub is wrapping up, so now it’s time to kick off the next organised play event. We (myself and Eoin Brennan) are going to run an official league, Season3 of the War-Torn Alliances called Thornwood, in Gamer’s Hub. Full details may be found here –

In the rulespack you’ll find some cool benefits to unlock, custom season models and some pretty weird alliances (Cryx and Protectorate are allied this season!!). There are also some nice custom scenarios.

We’re going to start the league on Monday (11th June) and run it for 12 weeks. Participation costs €3 – book your place with Ethan in the shop (let him know what faction you’ll be using and if you’ll be playing like a hero).

There are some minor changes from the standard league format. Players are restricted to four league games per week (agree with your opponent beforehand that it’s a league game!). You also can’t play the same opponent more than twice in a row.

However, there are some additional bonuses – 1 point for painting one warnoun, solo or 4-6 infantry models (max 1 point per week); 3 points for painting a huge-based model (max 6 points per league); 5 bonus points at the end of the league for playing like a hero (any of your FA:C models destroyed in a game must sit out the next league game).

Results and painting achievements should be reported to myself and Eoin by a message on Facebook or by email. We’ll have weekly updates of progress!

Oh yeah – there will be prizes!