The Lists (50pts)

  • Me: Butcher1, Beast-09, Devastator, Juggernaut, War Dog, Great Bears, Kayazy Eliminators x 2, Max unit of MoW Shocktroopers, Widowmakers, Marksman, Koldun Lord
  • J: Thgrosh1, Typhon, Ravagore, Shredder, Stinger, Throne of Everblight, Max unit of Legionnaires, Striders and UA, Shepherd, Anyssaa Ryvaal

The Scenario
Close Quarters (SR2012)

The Key Moments

  • Me getting completely out of shape on my left flank!
  • The Ravagore successfully dropping a shot on a Great Bear (Volkov), killing him and two Widowmakers and setting the other two Great Bears on fire!
  • Kolsk making at least five tough rolls and slowing up the Legion right flank only to die to fire!
  • The Kayazy being eliminated – they stalled the Legion left flank a little, but didn’t do much else!
  • A failed charge from Beast-09 on the Ravagore, despite being pushed by the Juggernaut
  • Legion failed to kill off Beast-09 and on the Butcher’s feat turn they took out the Throne and Typhon. Khador picked up a CP, but this left the Butcher very exposed.
  • After a few ranged attacks from the rest of the army, Thagrosh, after a failed attempt from the Ravagore to throw a MoW at the Butcher, charged in and failed to kill him by two boxes.
  • The Devastator and Butcher finished off Thagrosh.

The Result
Khador wins by assassination, but only because J’s dice deserted him at a crucial moment. It was a fun game, though I completely messed up my deployment and movement in turn one. That said Khador and the Butcher can weather a storm as they close on the enemy, which helped as I made quite a few mistakes. I think I’ll stick with the Butcher for casual games for a while – he’s fun!

Until next time,