Artwork by Dave Daniels


It always took a moment to adjust. It was like emerging for a darkened cave into a startling dawn sunrise, but that wasn’t quite right. The darkness of his beast form was more magnificent, more fiery than any sunrise could be. The beast was more than he was. It was pure, focussed and truly alive. It was free from the politicking of the druids and the responsibility of being the leader of a tuath. It was savagery, violence and rage manifest in flesh.

As he adjusted back he looked down at Dusk and Dawn, his great axes, to see surprisingly little blood and gore on their surfaces. Around him the warbeasts were panting. Their pursuit was relentless and he could sense his foe was near. The Tharn were few in number and any loss was significant. These vile dragonspawn would fall to the vengence of his great axes as may before had been felled. He expected to see more Tharn around him, but only the wolf riders had kept up the unrelenting pace. His mastery of warbeasts was legendary, not only amongst his own people. If he had to face the filth of the dragon with only these wolves, then so be it. They would bring death.

From their home in the Thornwood they had pursued their foe back north, past the great lakes until the enemy suddenly veered towards the coast and past the foul smelling black city. Now the wind became stronger as they climbed into the coastal mountains. The enemy was close and would meet Dusk and Dawn soon. Kromac smiled and allowed the beast to consume him once more.

Scourge Bringer is a three player campaign for Warmachine and Hordes. Watch this space.