Blood Frenzy

Orsus Zoktavir did not consider himself as having a single place he thought of as home. He spent most of his time in or near battle. That was his home – the sound of slaughter and the smell of ionised air. That was what he longed for. The only place he had ever come close to sensing those homely and familiar things was in the black towered city of Khardov. The choking fumes from its mines and the unmistakable dark aura of the Orgoth were comforting to him.

It was there two weeks ago that he met Great Prince Aeniv Rolonovik. Orsus did not usually have any time for nobility. Their incessant pleasantries, lofty notions of Empire and misplaced ideas of duty were of no interest to him, but Aeniv was different. He was as dedicated, albeit in a very different way, to battle and slaughter as Orsus. In the Orgoth Keep of Khardov Aeniv had mastered the manufacture of the dreaded Fell Blades, the weapons that drove the Doom Reavers to feats of glorious carnage. It was in the Keep amongst those moaning weapons that the Great Prince told the story that set Orsus on the path he was now following.

The northerly wind began to scream louder as the Vescheneg Headlands reared up from the horizon. That was where he would find it, the Scourge Bringer, a mystical axe so uncontrollable the Orgoth had sought to destroy it. All they could achieve was to divide the weapon and scatter the pieces. In the four hundred years since the Orgoth quit Western Immoren the axe had slowly managed to pull its pieces closer and closer together. Aeniv believed the weapon now lay in three pieces somewhere in the Veschenegs. With his recent exposure to the Fell Blades Orsus was certain he could find and reunite this most reviled of relics. Wielding it in one hand and Lola in the other his unchecked fury would wreak havoc amongst Khador’s enemies. It wasn’t through duty; it wasn’t to protect his home; Orsus was driven to bring destruction to all those who stood against him.

Scourge Bringer is a three player campaign for Warmachine and Hordes. Watch this space.