Dark Revival

My master has more memories than my feeble mind could ever hope to absorb. He reveals to me what is important and the rest remains as indistinct flashes that fade into blurry tones and shades. When Everblight shows me a memory there is a divine purpose.

I was marching my legion south revelling in the mind and senses of a nearby Carnivean when my Master spoke directly to me. He showed me a scene of blighted destruction that was more stunning than any I have ever seen with my own eyes.

I revealed to my servant the long past ruination of a sibling of mine; a weak dragon that was prone to extreme impetuousness. The Orgoth wrought great devastation on the peoples of this continent, but they mostly stayed away from the dragons after my father smote their fleet. While they did not wish to directly confront us they also did not wish to be rolled aside should our family feud spill out onto their newly conquered lands. The Orgoth set to building a weapon that could fell a dragon. That they achieved it is an amazement for I have not witnessed any mortals that could command such magics since. They kept this weapon hidden away until it was needed. My foolish sibling gave them the opportunity.

These buried memories become vivid in my mind. I can see, smell and almost touch them as Everblight reveals to me the fate of that dragon. A great warrior of the Orgoth, wrapped in dense ornate armour, carries a massive axe into the centre of a battle as the assembled army fights to hold the dragon back. The warriors do not stand a chance when confronted with the mighty power of a full strength dragon and soon enough the great warrior is confronted by the beast as the army is swept aside. The next images are astounding to behold.

I saw my sibling struck down with a single blow. Its flesh was dissolved under a black mist that emanated from the weapon. The great warrior, the assembled army and every living creature for miles around was consumed by the undiscriminating power of the weapon. I myself was injured by its clinging darkness and I decided to flee lest it weaken me further.

My Master bade me to turn north west, for as we marched past the great wood of Blackroot he recognised a presence that brought these memories to the fore, it could be that of his sibling’s athanc or even the weapon of the Orgoth. Either way what he sensed must be destroyed. I am his Prophet. I will rediscover this memory and remove it from the face of the world.

Scourge Bringer is a three player campaign for Warmachine and Hordes. Watch this space.