So? What is Geekend? It’s a weekend away to catch up with friends and play some wargames. The idea is to play the start of a narrative campaign. In 2022 we started a Frostgrave campaign and this year the focus was on Stargrave (more on that in a later blog post). As the guys I’m gaming with are based in Hamburg, it involves a short flight from Ireland and then travel to a country house somewhere near to the city. Here we have accommodation, space for the games and facilities to prepare some good meals! We also have a drink or two, but the point of the weekend is to play games, so everything in moderation…

Here are a few photos that give you a sense of where we were:

Over the weekend we also played a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay one shot based on the WFRP Starter and Ubersreik Adventures supplements. It was a comedy of errors, but I think everyone had fun. They certainly all played their characters well and killed some zombies. Actually, zombies were very much the theme of the weekend!

To round out the weekend we had a chance to visit the Viking Museum at Hedeby. This was amazing and might form the cornerstone of the next Geekend I attend, where we hope to each bring forces from around the year 1000 CE to fight each other!

Here are some photos from the museum:

Wow! What a museum… I was amazed by the array of stunning artefacts and am really inspired to play some early medieval wargames!

Until next time,