Phil and I have seen our crews come into conflict several times recently… being a space scavenger is a hard graft. An opportunity for the crews, specifically the first mates, came up when a rich client put forward a lucrative proposition: secure some access codes and then retrieve a high value prison.

Scenario 1: The Access Codes

Estin Harshan and Neb Lando sat in an awkward silence. It wasn’t long ago that they were using all of the weapons and tools at their disposal to try to thwart each other. Now a high value deal brought them together. It looked like a complicated job, one that required guile and subterfuge to begin with. They had to break into the central building of Nova Vista to crack the prisoner database to find the location and access code for someone of value.

Estin broke the silence, “How about this way”. He slid his finger across the slate, showing a route into the town. Neb nodded, “We can place teams here, here and here” he said while pointing out strategic locations surrounding the central building.

“Yeah, who’s going in and do we go in hard or soft?”

“I will. Let’s try ‘soft’, but be ready for action if things go south. This may be a provincial town, but the security is pretty heavy everywhere on this rock…”

Rather predictably things didn’t go smoothly! My first mate, Neb, struggled to gain access to the door and then everything kicked off. Security was all around and Estin fought his way into the building. Neb eventually got in and managed to secure the access codes while a firefight was going on around him. He then ran, to get them out of there. It was a messy affair!

Scenario 2: The Great Maglev Robbery

“Where?”, exclaimed the wide-eyed Estin. “You heard me… being transported on a maglev tomorrow. Best place to hit them is here”, said Neb without looking up from the terminal, pointing at a spot between about 100 clicks outside Aurora Station, “We need to get her before she’s transported off world”. “We’d better get moving then”.

This game was so much fun and an extremely close fought affair! We used a grav-skiff to get close to the moving train, boarded it and began searching for the prisoner. Of course, she (name: Chelle Rean) turned out to be in the last carriage we searched. We just about got away with her, with loads of combat drones pursuing the skiff!

Scenario 3: Dramatic Exit

“Rean says she’s not leaving until we rescue someone called Drix Nomat. She’s not going to talk to the patron until he’s rescued…”


You don’t get closer than this game! The only model to survive was Drix, the model we needed to rescue. Post game it looked as though my first mate had dies until we read the rules a little mode closely… he got away with a crushed arm (yikes!).

The co-op games have been fantastic fun, with Phil and I puzzling out how we can get our missions completed. Phil’s terrain skills in Vassal are amazing! We’ve battled across three varied setups.

So, on we go to part 2.

Until next time,