The Skirmish on Tigrus occurred during the Age of Apostasy, a period of turmoil in the Imperium of Man that took place in the 36th century. The skirmish was fought between the Traitor Legio Mortis and the Loyalist Legio Metalica Titan Legions over a newly discovered mineral vein on the desert world of Tigrus. This game covers a battle during that conflict.

According to the lore, the Legio Mortis launched a surprise attack on the Legio Metalica’s Titans, which were already deployed on Tigrus to investigate the mineral vein. The attack was led by Princeps Tethys, who had been dispatched to the planet by the Arch-Traitor Goge Vandire. Tethys had been tasked with securing the mineral vein for the Traitor forces. We used the Matched Play rules, with a mission that involved objectives that could be scored at the end of the five-turn game. At the end of each turn, objectives under a side’s control (more Scale within 4″) could be moved up to 6″. We also had secondaries that involved taking out the enemy.

The battle was fierce with John’s Legio Metalica winning out in the end. Historically(!), this isn’t quite how things went, but maybe this battle was just part of a larger conflict. In the lore, the Legio Mortis Titans, which were renowned for their long-range firepower, bombarded the Legio Metalica Titans with a barrage of missiles and cannon fire. Legio Metalica responded with their own devastating weapons, including laser blasters and plasma cannons.

The battle raged for several days, with both sides suffering heavy losses. In the end, the Legio Mortis were forced to withdraw, but not before inflicting significant damage on the Legio Metalica’s Titans. The Metalica Titans managed to hold onto the mineral vein.

John and I had a blast playing this, so maybe we’ll be returning to rewrite some of Tigrus’ history soon!

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