Dan brought his beautifully converted Ventrillian Grenadiers over to face my Tyranids in a 500pt game using the new Boarding Action rules and terrain. I picked up the terrain earlier this year and got to painting, trying to find a balance between an effective paint scheme and one that didn’t take too long to implement! I’m happy enough with it.

Boarding Actions is a nice format, it strips back a lot of the complexity in 40k and reduces the size of the forces. The density of terrain and the rule modifications, e.g. for targeting and moving through hatches, add some nuances to give a satisfying game.

In our game (Access Junction Primus), I used the a Broodlord, two units of Tyranid Warriors, a unit of Genestealers and a Ripper Swarm. The Broodlord had the Expert Breacher Warlord Trait. This allowed it to open doors at the start of a movement, rather than at the end of the movement step. This allowed it to get itself, and a following unit of Warriors, moving quickly.

Between this and a couple of long bomb charges, the Broodlord and the Genestealers were able to clog up the main advance route for the Grenadiers. This turned into a slaughter, with the soldiers being torn to pieces by the Xenos horrors.

I really enjoyed this game and look forward to playing more Boarding Actions in the near future.

Until next time,