This story starts with a rubber wargaming mat that for some reason began to go tacky. I’d cut it to the 22” x 30” size used in Warcry and Kill Team, but decided to rescue it by mounting it on a slightly larger poster frame.

I think it worked out pretty well. Wanting to give it a go, I decided to grab out some Epic models and terrain. It’s too small to play any of the Epic variants, but I fancied trying to modify the Ravenfeast rules to suit. Its open points system allows for easy creation of custom models (or stands in this case). Ten minutes of thinking about it had created stats for several basic Space Marine and Eldar units. By converting distances to centimetres we had a viable game on this small board. I’m still tweaking these, but I hope to publish them here soon. Here are some photos from that game.

Next up we tried What a Tanker!, but with some Epic vehicles. There’s a nice 40k set of stats online and I improvised rules for a couple of walkers (Dreadnaught and a Wraithlord). Other than using centimetres, the game rules were unchanged. This worked really well, but I’d like to create more terrain. The clouds worked well, but more terrain helps in WaT.

I have the crazy idea of playing WaT and RavenEpic (or EpicFeast!) simultaneously, with one representing the infantry game and the other the tank battle. I’d have exclusion zones, meaning infantry couldn’t come within 5cm of an enemy tank and tanks can’t be within 10cm of enemy infantry. The latter can be ignored if friendly infantry are screening the tank. If a unit finds itself violating the above rules, it most move to away (if able). I don’t really want the combat mechanics of the two games to interact, but you have the problem of what happens when the tanks on one side are all out of action. That said, coordination between friendly infantry and a tank could push back enemy infantry… Anyway, it might be too complicated, but I’ll playtest it to see if it works!

I’ll playtest the EpicFeast part some more before merging them. I’d like some longer ranged options…

Until next time,