“I’ll be okay, boss. I have people on Floegard.”, Crunchy said while nursing his arm. “Besides, maybe I’ll save up and buy a cool robo-arm!”.

Nah wasn’t happen with the situation, but he knew that a First Mate with a permanently damaged arm would soon face a challenge from within the crew. No matter how capable he is, eventually someone would see weakness even where there was none. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t fair, but neither was this life they chose.

Nah nodded, “Floegard it is. I’ve set aside a small ‘bonus’ for you. Not enough for a ‘robo-arm’, but enough to get you started”

My crew travelled to this planet to have one last adventure with Crunchy, the First Mate who had his arm crushed in the last mission. Narratively speaking, I reckon it’s Crunchy’s home planet and he’s plugged into the underworld scene here, so hopefully his injury won’t limit his entrepreneurial activities…

For this scenario we venture into the enclosed undercity, seeking spoils near the steam vents. The scenario has some nice rules for the vents, making them the focus of attention and a dangerous place to be. In the screenshots, you can see which vents were active in a turn by the purple template surrounding them.

Things hotted up (haha!) quickly, with the centre of the map being a focus. Both captains were brought down relatively quickly. My Grenadier was my crew’s MVP dropping accurate grenade after accurate grenade on the opposing crew. For his troubles he was badly injured, but he’ll get a greater share of the spoils I’m sure. I managed to get the upper hand near the top of the map, having committed more resources there. Things in the bottom area weren’t going as well, so I diverted my troopers there towards the centre.

Ruffians began to close in as Phil’s crew made off with a physical and two data loots. The attrition in the centre was high and I scrambled to get clear of the creatures in the upper part of the map, ending the game with two physical loots.

We played this game much more quickly than the previous two, now being more familiar with the rules and the capabilities of our crews. That said, it was Crunchy’s last game. He hasn’t received any upgrades yet, so it’s time to say good bye and start with a new First Mate.

In terms of loot, I made off with 75 credits and a Micro Transporter! The Grenadier was badly injured, as mentioned earlier, and Nah Duo had a close call! Now… I need to think about the kind of First Mate I want to hire into the crew.

Until next time,