… yes, you read that right, I played in a tournament!

It’s been a long time since I played in a tournament. I realised they weren’t the way I wanted to play wargames quite a while ago. When I saw there was a tournament coming up in the next town over, however, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to put some 15mm models on the table and to play some games. I picked up the appropriate ‘forces’ book (D-Day: Americans), put a few euro into forces.flamesofwar.com, the official list-building site, and I was all set. I already had a mini rulebook having picked up some Battlegroup Russian models

I knew that tournament armies would be mostly ahistorical, max-min-ing for effectiveness, not for historic accuracy. I didn’t care about that though, so I fielded an infantry-heavy US Paratrooper list with some tank and artillery support. I had as much infantry in my list as there was in the rest of armies put together! I got my ass handed to me in each of the three games, all of which featured the infamous FoW carpark/tankpark!

All that being said though, I had a really good time. The players I met were fantastic. The models looked great. The terrain was lovely.

More events have been promised and, where possible, I’ll go along to support them. The tournament was in aid of host school, so that’s a pretty good reason to play toy soldiers. I’ll just bring wall-to-wall tanks next time!

Until next time,