Game two of the campaign is entitled ‘Catch the Prize!’. The French (Stiu and me) lost the first game, in which we were supposed to transport the spy, Visage du Vache, through a British blockade. Little did we know that that was actually a ruse, with the spy having been transported to two other ships and was now underway to her destination. This battle involved the British, coming in from flanking positions, attempting to prevent the French in progressing towards their destination.

The British would be able to identify the ship transporting the spy once they got close enough. Their mission was simple: to prevent her escaping. Stiu and I decided that he would transport the spy and I would try to cover his escape. We should have factored in Stiu’s below average rolls, a 7 is a very high number on 2D6 for him, when formulating this plan. That said, our ships remained in a line hoping to discourage a brazen an approach from the British ships. James, attaching from the south, turned towards the wind to line up a broadside, but this cost him precious time in the pursuit. Andrew doggedly chased down Stiu’s ship, outpacing me. I decided the only course of action was to ram him! Here are some photo’s of Stiu’s gorgeous models from the game.

I bought Stiu enough time and he managed to affect his escape. The cost was probably losing my ship to the British, but Andrew’s ship was also badly damaged. A heavy cost for victory. Hopefully the spy’s intelligence is worth it…

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